McNair Scholars Program

The UC Berkeley McNair Scholars 2004 Journal Articles

Susan Ear:

Defining Genocide: The Experience of Chinese Minorities under the Khmer Rouge, 1975-1979

Justin F. Martin:

Identity and Academic Achievement: Perceptions and Attitudes of Black High School Students

Carmen Castillo:

How Shakespeare's Sonnet 30 Evokes Emotion

Laurica Brown:

More than Video-Girls: African American Teenage Girls Respond to Images of Women in Hip Hop

Joanne Vasquez:

Investigating the Anomaly: Latino Republican Voters in California

Tescia Ross:

Barriers in Black Business: Institutionalized Discrimination, Internal Oppression, and Economic Detour

Irella Blackwood:

Exploring Inflation and its Effects: A Review of Teachers' Incomes in St. Thomas, Jamaica 2001-2004

Yong Ha Jeong:

Constructing Korean American Identities through Koreanized Chinese Food

Maria Gonzalez:

The Irony of Appropriation in Chela Sandoval's Differential Consciousness: A Reflection on the Reproduction of Appropriation within an U.S. Third World Feminist Text

Bianca Baldridge:

Redefining Leadership: Exploring the Experiences of Black Youth in Leadership Development Programs

Allejandra Doubcovsky:

Dear Master: An Exploration of Letter from American Slaves

Guadalupe Carrillo:

Forging the Uncreated Conscious of a Race: The Creation of Individual Identity in Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Rivera's ... And the Earth Did Not Devour Him

In Memoriam:

In Memory of Professor Alan Dundes