The George A. Miller Scholars Program is designed to provide outstanding community college transfer students with a scholarship and research/community service stipend. 

Become a Miller Scholar

The 2017-18 SSS/Miller application period is now closed.

The deadline to apply was Friday, June 2, 2017. This was a joint application for both the SSS Program and the George A. Miller Scholars Program (although you may choose to apply to just one or the other). Please note that transfer students are only able to apply in their first year when transferring to UC Berkeley. If you applied, you will hear back from us by early July.

Grad School Preparation

AAPC programs have a variety of offerings to help students start thinking about the benefits of going to graduate school. Through programs such as the McNair Scholars, Cal NERDS' UC LEADS and NSF CAMP, and the Miller Scholars, students learn how to come up with a research question and proposal, conduct research, analyze data, and present their research. Students in STEM majors have the opportunity to work in labs across the campus and attend professional conferences where they present their research.