SAGE Scholars Program - We are sorry to announce that due to financial issues, the program has closed.

The Student Achievement Guided by Experience (SAGE) Scholars Program is one of the few programs on the Berkeley campus that exposes students to the professional world through classes that teach business skills and etiquette,  internship opportunities, and provides a network of support as they transition from school to their careers. 

Professional Building Blocks

SAGE Scholars practice their professional introductions.

One-hour workshops focused on helping students identify their professional path, and learn skills and tools that lead to success.  Topics include networking, interview prep, and negotiations.  

The SAGE Leaders Program

A three-semester program that begins with an intensive one-semester Professional Development and Leadership Course taught at the Haas School of Business.  

Professional Polish Workshops

This program is for campus programs that want to provide a more in-depth learning experience for students or offer professional development to student workers and staff.